Every year companies are estimated to spend a massive £78.3m on business gifts, yet in a recent gifting survey 88% of people said they wished that the corporate gift they received had been more suited to them and almost a quarter said that they had thrown it away or ‘regifted’ it! 

Other research has revealed that businesses typically spend more on gifts for clients than staff. More than half spend between £50-£150 on client’s gifts, compared to 43%, who admitted to spending less than £50 on their employees.

Does Corporate Gifting feel like a challenge?

Corporate gifting is clearly a tricky business given that the buyer is making a significant investment in improving the impression a person has about them and their company. The investment needs to be worthwhile so the gift needs to be right. There’s certainly no lack of choice for the buyer, type “business gifts’ into any search engine and be dazzled by the array of gift retailers and their choices!

No pressure then…! If you are thinking about buying some corporate gifts this Christmas, it might help to think about your goals; what are you trying to achieve? Maybe you are looking to inspire your team for the coming year, or thank them for their hard work, perhaps you need to close a deal, solidify a relationship or keep your customers loyal?

Benefits for both you and your recipient..

Studies into the psychology behind gift giving show that building, maintaining and strengthening relationships or motivating action by showing your appreciation brings great psychological benefits to both you and the recipient, improving mood and creating a positive association with your brand. 

So, before you set out to find those perfect business gifts, learn a little about the essentials of business gift buying. Follow our tips and you won’t go wrong! 

Our Top Ten Tips for better business gift buying

1. Take time to carefully consider the tastes and preferences of each of your recipients.

2. Make sure that the gift is appropriate for the recipient, show that you know them by tailoring it – the suitabilityof the present is more important than how much you have spent.

3. The effort behind the choosing of the gift is important too, the gift needs to show thought and consideration.

4. Go for the best quality gift you can afford.

5. Make sure that your gift reflects your brand and brand values and reminds them of your company every time they use it.

6. Decide on a budget to plan how much you can afford on your business gifts. Try to measure the return on investment afterwards.

7. Make sure your gift is beautifully presented – small details are important.

8. Include a thoughtful message, either in a gift card or letter. Ideally write the message yourself.

9. Choose a gift that the client can enjoy themselves and with their family and team. A gift that can be shared always makes a great impression.

10. Consider food and drink gifts – they consistently top the polls of most appreciated gifts, with almost half opting for a hamper, a favourite tipple or special chocolates in a recent ‘business gift wishlist’ survey.But, remember that when it comes to gift hampers, one size definitely does not fit all – and that’s where we can help!

Cheese and Prosecco Picnic Hamper

Vorrei Italian Hampers create beautiful gifts which are tailored to your recipient, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, follow a Gluten Free diet, are diabetic, love organic food, wine buffs, aspiring chefs, cheese addicts or truffle obsessed. We can also create a completely bespoke hamper to suit your recipients tastes and your budget!

Our hampers only contain top quality Italian food and wine, exquisite flavours and aromas that will remind your recipient of your company every time they dip into their hamper and experience one of the products…and for a long time afterwards too. We’re thinking a wedge of crunchy aged Parmigiano Reggiano and a drizzle of rich traditional balsamic from Modena, a sweet treats gift box packed with unique Italian goodies; sumptuous  dark chocolate coated plump Calabrian figs, colourful Sicilian marzipan fruits, or perhaps a selection of vegan wines from small environmentally friendly, organic vineyards.

Sweet Treats Gift Box
Alt='boozy christmas hampers"
Luxury Gourmet Hamper

We’d love to help you find a business gift which is appropriate, tailored, affordable and memorable. We are happy to include your personal messages and of course we’ll wrap each hamper with love and care. Naturally we only use environmentally friendly packaging too.

For an informal chat about your corporate gifting needs, call our team now on 01799 615069