Italian truffles are known and appreciated all over the world for their luxurious flavour and aroma. There are 8 species of truffle in Italy which are harvested from late summer to early spring. Related to mushrooms, but growing only underground, truffles are both a gourmet delicacy and an important ingredient in the regional cuisine of Umbria and Piemonte where they can be found. Fresh truffles are extremely pricey and much prized – particulary the highly sought-after white variety.

These wonderful delicacies can however be enjoyed year round as we import a great selection of preserved truffles and truffle specialities from Acqualagna in Umbria and have created some delicious truffle hampers packed with these products. Our supplier ‘Acqualagna Tartufi’ offers an excellent choice of high quality preserved truffles and truffle products including easy to use summer truffle slices, organic white truffle oil, truffle salt, luxurious truffle butter and truffle acacia honey. Somehow everything seems to taste better with just a little of that distinctive, pungent truffle flavour!


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